Return & Refund

Returns and Exchanges has made the buying experience of medicine easier. We have different healthcare medicine to buy with us at affordable pricing and the utmost benefits. Yet once you have made your purchase and if you have received your parcel wrong, or if the medicine parcel is damaged, then you will have the liability to return the parcel. As a customer, you will be solely responsible for easily requesting a refund with us. But the policy is implemented only with the above case and other criteria. At this point, you must read the entire return and exchange policy and become familiar with us. In this manner, you can reach customer support or also click on the return or refund option to get started. The option is present within the account you will create with us.

Order Confirmation

Your order confirmation will be done after your place an order. To this, from our side, you will get an email confirmation (registered with us). So you must share your valid email address so that you can get the right message. The particular email will let you know what have you ordered, how much you have paid and when you can receive the parcel. This way complete information will be delivered to you.

Cancelling an Order

The cancelling of orders with is also quite simple. Our customers have full liability to cancel orders at any time. But at the same time, we urge customers to read the policies thoroughly (this will give complete information).

How to Cancel?

The entire process of cancelling the process is smoother with us. All you need is to either visit your account and place a request or also communicate with our customer support. However, if you have placed an order and due to any reason, you want to cancel then proceed with it. All you need is to go to your account and choose the desired options to cancel your order. Note- if we have delivered your parcel then we might not cancel it. However, when the parcel is in the packaging process can get cancelled easily). In this case, you can receive the parcel and later on place the request for cancellation.

Order Tracking

After you have placed your order then your entire details will be visible to your account. Along with this, we do provide you with the tracking details through which you can check where your parcel is. The process usually takes around 24-48 hours and later on sent for delivery. You can keep an eye on your parcel, if you further find any difficulty then you are free to reach out to contact support.

Compensating for missed shipments

If by chance your order is misplaced or you have not got it then we make it reship again. Yet the taxes will be implicated in the parcel (that is an additional charge). So if you have not received the order within 21 days of the order being placed then without second thought reach our customer support and track everything.

Order Cancellation Refunds

At the same our company gets any cancellation refund then we first find out the reason for it. However, once everything is cleared with us then we started the refund process. The amount is refunded to your account (via you have made payment). This counts that there will be no hassle in identifying the payment details. Yet we do take up to 7 business days to make up the entire process. Hence we request you to be patient within the stipulated time and make us serve you best.