Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What Information do we collect?

Once you have reached us, at that moment some of your information is collected with us. This means it is your name, your contact, email and sometimes phone number. The main aim to collect the data is to let you informed about our website/products or services.

In future, if we have something to share with you then we can automate the request. This way you will be guided with our desired services. In another mean, we do initiate your details for any kind of misuse.

Once you have visited us remember each of your information is protected and this is a normal process that every website follows.

Registration and order process

Registration is the prime process that we take gather into (this is before using our website). To do this, you will need to ask to fill in your name, address, contact details and email. This way every piece of information will be stored with us for future aspects.

Hence, if you place an order, right from the confirmation to delivery your saved details will be used. In other ways, we can at some point ask your country and even organization, so that we can obey every guideline followed by the respective country and deliver medicines.

Data Security

Data is one of the major aspects when we visit any website. However, almost all websites at some point gather some or the other data. But the purpose to collect such data is not to hinder your privacy but to make you aware of everything related to us. This could new offers, notifications regarding new medicine and more.

So, you can be 100% sure to save your data with us, as we have the utmost privacy layer available to us.

Cookies storage

We need to deliver an amazing and user-friendly browsing experience. In turn, to make it more, we make use of structure on your internet browser and that is determined to be as cookies.

The main aim of cookies is to let customers determine that they are the priority (for vendors). In turn, they get a sufficient amount of information to stay ahead.

Strictly for adults

For adults who are in a condition to buy some sexual health medicine and even others, they can register with us. However, we do not obey any such guidelines which offend someone’s feelings. We value each of our customers and adhere to every guideline and policy.

Changes to our Policy

There might be some case, where we can alter something in our policy. This might be related to the shipping, the medicine cost and even others. We urge every customer of ours to undergo policy from time to time to ensure they know everything. Also, you do not get disturbed later hand and interrupted in order and delivery. This way, we even deliver notifications whenever we undergo any modifications. Customers can easily check out our policy to stay ahead in their information.

In addition, we maintain every country’s guidelines to deliver medicine by not violating their rules.